Google Apps Script to create a Google Doc for every meeting

After listening to Matt Mullenweg (co-founder of WordPress) on the Knowledge Project podcast over the Christmas break I was inspired to try something he mentioned.

Matt said that at his company for every meeting a new Google Doc is created to take down notes. The Google Doc is shared to everyone in the meeting so everyone can participate.

This serves multiple purposes:

  • Creates a record of the meeting people can refer to later
  • Ensures alignment as any misunderstanding is right there in black and white for the appropriate person to amend.
  • Reduces the anxiety around missing meetings – anyone not in attendance of the meeting can review the notes to see what was discussed.

In the new year I started creating a new Google Doc for each meeting. This was however a manual process and on days filled with meetings took a fair amount of time. So, I created a Google Apps Script to create a doc for every meeting during the day.

Here’s a demo of the script in action:

Assiciated Github repository:

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