If you can – a blueprint for financial security

“If you can” is a pamphlet written by William J. Bernstein on How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly.

For those interested in learning more about how to be financially secure later in life this is a great place to start. “If you can” is available to download here and can be summarized by the following financial principles:


Principle 1 – Saving (AKA personal finance) is the foundation of doing well with money.

Supporting Materials: The Millionaire Next Door


Principle 2 – Understanding Financial Fundamentals.

Supporting Materials: Common Sense on Mutual Funds


Principle 3 – Know financial history

Supporting Materials:

  1. Devil Take the Hindmost
  2. The Great Depression: A Diary


Principle 4 – Understanding Human nature (and it’s implications on financial decisions).

Supporting Materials: Your Money and Your Brain


Principle 5 – How Financial services (specifically mutual funds) make money.

Supporting Materials: Common Sense on Mutual Funds


Principle 6 – Some broad recommendations on how and where to invest.

Supporting Materials:

  1. How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street
  2. All About Asset Allocation


While reading the pamphlet can be a short exercise, making your way through the reading list can take up to a year. I still have 2 books on this list to go through.

Even though I haven’t completed all the materials I have put together a general purpose presentation to guide people to increased financial security. I even managed to include a couple of memes too. Who said financials can’t be fun.




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