DIY Online Saftey

Chayn, which is an organisation that provides resources to help women be happy and independent has put together a guide to help women stay safe online.

Although this is aimed at women there are principles that anyone can apply to reduce risks to themselves online.

There are 2 guides:

  1. A Starter Pack
  2. An Advanced guide

Working in digital analytics it is staggering how much data is collected and available for collection by various online entities. And the appetite certainly isn’t diminishing.

Don’t let the name of the starter pack fool you, the recommendations inside are fairly comprehensive. It includes keeping passwords safe with the use of a password manager, using a VPN to encrypt all of your internet traffic, using browser extensions block ads (a well known malware delivery mechanism) and even using tor browser to help keep you anonymous.

Implementing all of these should keep you safe from all but the most sophisticated and motivated online characters. But if that is you then you probably have better things to do than read this blog!

The Advanced Guide goes into detail on purging records of yourself from online repositories and turning location services off on your mobile devices.

These guides are a great place to start for those concerned about online privacy.

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